5 Tips for Rustic Fall Decor

Fall is the perfect time to bring out rustic decor. Autumn is such a beautiful season — the fall foliage hues, the smell of pumpkin pie and apple-cinnamon, the sound of leaves crunching underfoot — that you don’t need to go all out with in-your-face colors or glamorous decorations. (Save the sparkles for winter!) Try these five tips when adding rustic fall decor to your home.

1. Accessorize with Plaid

There’s something so cozy about plaid decor, whether it’s used on throw pillows and blankets, votive holders, placemats, or even hand towels in the bathroom. Choose a color scheme (orange and gold, red and brown, or brown and green are popular plaid hues) to mix and match items in a room or around the house and on the porch.


2. Celebrate the Harvest

Crimson mums, bales of hay, old wagons filled with hand-picked pumpkins and gourds… There are so many ways to celebrate the harvest from early fall through Thanksgiving. Deck the front porch with a welcoming array of pumpkins, fall flowers, and a seasonal wreath (make your own fall wreath for under $25 here). Make your mantel merrier with a garland of leaves, a gourd and apple display, and spiced potpourri.


3. Go Woodland

Where I live, one can tell the season’s changing by looking to the woods. Deer and squirrels take on a grayer hue than their rich brown coats in summer; pine cones fall from the evergreens; and of course, the leaves change from green to gold, orange, or deep red before falling to become a rust-colored crunch. Bring the great outdoors inside by adding pine cones and acorns to centerpiece displays, place pops of color around the living room with leafy garlands or individually placed fabric leaves, and pay homage to the critters and creatures with figurines or animal portraits. (I’m hooked on these dapper little birds I keep finding everywhere!)

4. Make Family Crafts

The only thing cuter than crafts and pictures made by the kids is when you can look back years later and cherish how fast the years go by. Encourage the kids to get involved by creating diy bird snacks, festive napkin rings, carved pumpkins, Thanksgiving placemats for the kids table, and a scavenger-hunt garland, using materials they find outside (leaves, acorn tops, twigs, hay).


5. Turn on the (Candle) Lights

From pumpkin-center pillar candles, to mercury glass taper holders, to string lights entwined with festive garland, there’s no doubt that warm lighting can add an immediate sense of atmosphere to any room in the home. Make a mug of hot cocoa, dim the overhead lights, and enjoy flickering flames or soft accent lighting.



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