42 Holiday Gift Ideas for Men

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Gifts for Men

Have you noticed that practically every gift guide for men centers around beer, whisky stones, travel bags, and tech gadgets that they’ll hardly use after a few months?

Not that these are bad ideas, but there are so many guys out there who have broader interests; a creative side, a sense of adventure, a love for music, or other pastimes.

So, fed up with traditional editorial gift guides, I️ put together a little list of thoughtful gifts for men with various interests. Plus, I’ve linked many of them to make shopping easier. (Please note, they are affiliate links!)


Gifts for Outdoorsy Guys

Solar powered flashlight – Ideal for camping, hiking, and long days that turn into nights.
Portable hammock – Packs light for exploring and stopping to enjoy the view.
Air chair – Bring it to the beach, enjoy it lakeside, get comfy anywhere.
Tent – Does he love camping? Cozy up in a roomy tent.
Park pass – Many state parks offer annual passes to avoid per-use fees.
Camping Stove – Ideal for car camping, tailgating, and impromptu barbecues.

Gifts for Creative Types

Cheese-making kit – Everybody wins with this gift.
Banksy book – A collection of works by mischievous street artist Banksy.
Beginner’s guitar – Has he always wanted to play? Hook him up!
Camera – Now you can go on photo hunts together! (Awww)
Diy leather crafting set – If he’s the kinda guy who always says “I could make that…” this kit will allow him to do just that: wallets, belts, cuffs, you name it.

Gifts for Music Lovers

Sheet books – If he already plays an instrument, find songbooks for his favorite bands.
Record player – Once you go vinyl, you never go… (wait, what rhymes with vinyl??)
Musical accessories – Elements for the home (or man cave) such as these vinyl record coasters
Concert tickets – Is his favorite band touring? Can’t beat a live show!
Shirts – If he likes to keep it casual, a comfy band shirt will do.

Gifts for Gym Guys

Fitness ball – Great for flexibility, core strength, and a bunch of other uses.
Trigger point massager – A relaxing way to heal sore muscles.
Weightlifting gloves – Time to get rid of the smelly old gloves.
Runner’s rain jacket – Now he can run without getting drenched on rainy days.
Active socks – Wicks away sweat, and great for cycling, running, or even just really hot days.

Gifts for Mr. Fix-it

Cordless drill and bits – Ever see the joy in a handyman’s eye when he gets a new power tool?
Screwdriver set – Because you loan one out, another disappears; you can’t have too many.
DIY project book – Ideas for the weekend workshop guy, like this book of pallet projects.
Yeti mug – Keeps his hot drinks hot and cool drinks cold while he works hard.
Work jacket – Keep paint, dirt, and other stains off his regular clothes with a tough work jacket.

Gifts for Bar Enthusiasts

Homemade gin kit – Yes, it will impress all of his friends.
Cocktail mixer recipe book – A fun date night idea: Flip it open to a random page and get shakin’!
Steel barware – Finally; everything you need for a proper bar.
Wine accessories – If he loves wine, get him a quality gift set.
Beer making kit – It’s not as hard as it sounds to enjoy a homemade brew!

Gifts for Guys Who Like the Finer Things

Fine wine – Go to a local boutique wine shop for a tasting and learn while you shop!
Shave kit – A good quality kit will make him feel pampered.
Classic watch – Unless he’s a techy guy, go old-school with a classic standard.
Car detailing – Find a local detailing station and get him a gift certificate (or two!)
Casual leather boots – Not quite for hiking, but a little cooler than your average mule.
Espresso maker – Enjoy fresh-brewed espresso any time.

Gifts He Didn’t Know He Wanted

Soft towels – The gift he never knew he needed: Luxe towels.
Wool socks – They’ll last forever and wool is actually great for all seasons due to its wicking properties.
Flannel sheets – Soft, warm, and cozy — another “how did I ever live without this?” gift!
Robe – Weekend loungers rejoice!
Laptop case – Upgrade his case style with a sleek new attaché.

Got a great idea to share? I’d love to add I️t on. Leave I️t in the comments below!

Also, I’m working on a list of DIY gifts that men will actually want to use! Coming soon…


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