Christmas DIY: Mini Woodland Wreath

After the fun I had putting together my budget fall wreath, and the encouraging feedback I received from people who thought it was cute, I decided to try a holiday wreath! But, I wanted to create something different from what you typically find in stores: nontraditional colors (pinks and blues are growing in popularity again), a ton of ornaments bulbed together to make a wreath (I love seeing natural accents in holiday decor!), or glitter everywhere. (Not that a little glitter’s a bad thing, but if it’s sprinkling sparkles every time you open the door, people are going to trek that stuff in the house until spring.)

So, I wandered into Michaels to browse their wreath goods, and found a ton of inspiration. I came up with too many ideas, especially for the front door, so I thought I’d just try making a mini wreath that can be given as a gift, instead.

The best part: I had a 40% off coupon that couldn’t be used on the decor pieces because they were on sale. But, grapevine wreaths in the everyday floral dept. (not the Christmas aisle) were regular price — which is pretty inexpensive to begin with, which meant I could use my coups! After all was said and done, after sales and discounts, I only spent about $10.

Here are the items I grabbed:

  • Small grapevine wreath
  • Cardinal pick
  • Branch, berry, and pine cone pick
  • Frosted fruit pick
  • Wired Tartan plaid ribbon (25 ft)

That’s it! I ended up not using the frosted fruit pick, but at just a buck and change, I couldn’t resist grabbing it and I’m sure I’ll find another project for it!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Leaving a long tail, wrap the ribbon around the wreath. Hint: Wired ribbon works best, so that you can maneuver, twist, or pinch it as needed, especially because grapevine is uneven. But don’t aim for perfection! A little unevenness adds a warm, rustic touch!
  2. Leave a long tail at the opposite end, too, and with both tails, tie a tight double knot towards the back of the the wreath (so that it doesn’t show when hung).
  3. Since this wreath is only featuring accents along a quarter of it, place the eye-catching piece a little higher than the three o’clock spot, just above the center. Hint: Just place the item until you have everything in place; don’t glue it yet!
  4. I placed the berry/pine cone pick below the cardinal, but felt like it needed something more behind the bird, so I cut a small piece of pine off the pick and placed it above the cardinal’s head to add depth.
  5. Finally I cut another piece of ribbon to create a bow, and snipped the ends into shape.
  6. Once everything was in place, I used a hot glue gun to secure it all, and when it dried, removed any wayward glue strings.

What do you think?
Hope you get the chance to take advantage of some holiday craft sales! (If you hear of any good ones, feel free to leave ’em in the comments!) 😉

Happy Crafting!

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  1. November 15, 2017 / 5:46 am

    I love it!

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