Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.


This lifestyle blog is ideal for anyone who is interested in slowing down and bringing back the often brushed aside “lost arts” of all-things homemade and home-cooked. You’ll find recipes from scratch, tips for repairing and reusing, do-it-yourself home projects, and other sustainable practices you wish you asked your grandmother to teach you.

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There was a time I wanted to live off the grid. I moved to a tiny town at the base of a mountain, canceled cable and Internet, stocked up on a small library of homesteading books, and fumbled my way through learning sustainable arts. I sewed my own curtains, baked my own bread, and yearned for my own property.  It was fun and fulfilling for a while, but eventually I found myself craving more interaction with people, and there were some things I just couldn’t do (grow my own food while renting, for one). I made my way “back into society” closer to friends and family (and supermarkets), and got my WiFi going again — but I never lost the fondness for the do-it-yourself spirit.

My name is Melissa and despite my many hobbies, lifestyles, career paths, and “phases”, I’ve always been a writer with a keen creative side. Craft ideas featured here are a combination of projects I’ve created and others that I’ve picked up from other sources (who will always be noted). Recipes are from my own collection. I’m neither a chef nor a cook and I’ve never worked in a restaurant — just an appreciator of hearty meals, dreamy desserts, and party foods, especially when enjoyed in a space that maintains an air of atmosphere. Cooking and baking are more than hobbies to me; when I make a dessert for a family holiday or prepare a meal for someone I love, I’m offering an experience — smells, colors, setting, flavor, and a feeling of satisfaction are all equally important, from start (“Ooo!”) to finish (“Ahh.”). I hope you find them simple to follow and enjoyable!

I currently reside between New York’s Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains with my significant other, Dennis, in a town where the local food movement thrives and where Home provides so much more than just shelter. •